Health Insurance Coverage

All health plans in the United States are mandated to provide these essential health benefits:

Outpatient Care
Emergency Services
Hospitalization, Surgery
Pregnancy, Maternity, Newborn Care
Psychotherapy, Substance Abuse Services
Prescription Drugs
Rehabilitative Services
Preventative/Wellness Services
Full Pediatric Services
EXTRA COVERAGE ITEMS – Supplemental Coverage

Adult Dental
Adult Vision
Routine Foot Care
Medical Management (weight, diabetes)
Pain Management (chronic back pain, neuropathic pain)
Long Term Care
Alternative Medicine
Cosmetic Procedures
Weight Loss Surgery
Infertility Treatments
Private Nursing

Since all plans currently must cover the ten essential benefits, don’t pay extra for additional coverage unless it’s something you really need. If you swear by your monthly acupuncture appointment, then make sure you find a specialized plan with a strong alternative medicine component.

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